Entrusting money with Mr. Ariu Levi

This website is about Mr. Ariu Levi. It is not run by Mr. Ariu Levi.

Mr. Ariu Levi is a high-profile manager in the field of electronic commerce. This means that people entrust a lot of money with businesses he founds, runs, or controls.

I am one of these people. I used Ginix as payment processor for subscriptions to many of my sites. On the auspicious date of September 11, 2003, Ginix suddenly stopped processing payments.

At that point, Ginix had collected thousands of dollars of subscriber fees on my behalf. As of the time of this writing (one month later), they still hold it.

I am still hoping that I will receive my money, though several people I have talked to were rather pessimistic and recommended I better write off that money.

That's not my style.

So, I am now trying to convince those involved with Ginix that it will be the better solution for all parties and people involved if I am paid the money that Ginix collected on my behalf.

The path that I am taking is the one which is logical for me. I am a writer and publisher. Writing is my only source of income, and it has been for more than 30 years. I write at least 50 articles a month. I am not a journalist or copywriter in the service of other publishers. I write about what concerns me, personally.

So, now I am on the path of becoming a writer on electronic commerce. My work is developing into this direction because I have repeatedly been a victim in this arena. First of PayPal who froze my account (but released the money after I set up a website about them), then of e-gold, a company with an online transaction system from which it is very easy to steal, and now of Ginix, a payment processor which stopped operating on September 11, 2003.

I have now set up a network of domains all related to the question on how to get hold of others people money on the Internet. Without their consent, this is (as it has been taken from me, without my consent). Like a book I would publish, this network of domains has a title: Criminal Advice.

This title is ironical. After all, I'm a writer, and I'd like to produce literature, something that is entertaining to read (because otherwise, it wouldn't find an audience large enough to generate income from).

But while aiming to entertain, I also would like my readers to learn from my work, and from my own bad experience. They could learn, for example, whom to entrust money with. Mr. Ariu Levi?

I still hope to get my money from Ginix, and because Mr. Ariu Levi has been listed as the top gun on the Ginix management page, I would, at this point, just like to communicate with him about the course the company he represents will be taking, especially with respect to the money they collected on my behalf.

I have written email to Mr. Ariu Levi, but have received no reply. I think this is bad style.

Sometimes, a business we try may not take off, or may be a failure. Sometimes, this is outside the control of the founders or managers of a company.

But I assume that Mr. Ariu Levi still has control over his email address. If somebody runs a company that operates on other people's money, it's not proper to just stop operating AND to not communicate with those whose money is held, at the same time.

So, the company in which Mr. Ariu Levi has been listed as top gun on the management page owes me both, money AND an explanation.

As I am still waiting for the explanation, and as Mr. Ariu Levi does not reply to direct and confidential email, I have decided to try whether he will reply to a so-called open letter (with the same text as my previous direct email):

Dear Mr. Ariu Levi,

I am a client of Ginix.com, a company of which you are Vice Chairman of the Board.

I am also a journalist covering e-commerce. As an example, please see my domain http://www.AboutPayPal.org, which ranks among the top 10 returns on any search for PayPal on Google and many other search engines.

Ginix.com stopped operating as payment processor on September 11, 2003.

Until now, I have not received any information regarding my outstanding balance. Mr. Manson, who is listed on the Ginix management page with the email address support@ginix.com did not answer my latest email.

My Ginix.com account number is: 10213

May I kindly ask for your help in this matter. Mr. Manson, in a previous email, mentioned that the fault was with the bank, but did not indicate which bank. Could you please give me the bank contact of Ginix.com.